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Granite: A Guide To Choosing The Right Countertop Material For Your Home.

  Granite: A Guide To Choosing The Right Countertop Material For Your Home. Countertops are an important part of any kitchen. They are the surface on which we prepare our food and interact with our family and friends. This is why it is important to choose the best countertop material for your home. Here is a guide to help you choose the right countertop material for your home. 1. What are the most popular materials for countertops? There are many different types of countertops available on the market today. From granite, to marble, to quartz, to ceramic, to glass, to wood, to composite, to plastic, there is a countertop material for every home. It's important to consider the type of countertop you want before purchasing a new one. You should also consider the size of the countertop. If you are looking for a large countertop, you will need a large piece of granite or marble to accommodate the size. You should also consider the budget. Granite and marble are generally the most expens

Trending Granites for Kitchen Countertops in 2022 -

 Best Granites For The Kitchen Countertops 2022

Granite is a rock type that can use for various decoration purposes and the Kitchen Countertop is one of them. Granite has natural designs and thousands of varieties, colours are available for kitchen countertops. here are the trending granites for countertops in 2022. selecting granite for the kitchen countertop may be a little difficult because it must be matched with kitchen backsplash designs but don't worry here is a list of the best granite for kitchen countertops.

     Granites given below have superior quality, colours, designs and budget-friendly and are best for your kitchen and these colours of granites can be easily available in the market. 

    Before looking for a granite countertop list, some points should be noticed.
  • Granite thickness should be 16 to 18 mm for the kitchen countertop
  • It must be crack free
  • choose granite without waterlines or watermarks
  • verify measurements according to your requirements.

 Best Black Granites for Kitchen Countertops 2022

Black colour for kitchen countertop is the first choice of decorators. because any colour scheme can be applied to the wall when the kitchen countertop is made of black Granite. here are top black granites for kitchen countertops.

1. Telephone Black Granite

South Indian Telephone black granite is absolute dark black granite with a super plain glossy finish. 

absolute black granite
Telephone Black Granite

Features of Telephone Black Granite:

  • Plain dark glossy surface like a mirror
  • easy to clean
  • Shiny Look
  •  Required Measurements can be available easily
 The price of Telephone Black Granite is 250 to 350 Rs per square foot.

2. Galaxy Granite

Galaxy granite is one of the most popular granite and is widely used for kitchen countertops. it has a completely black background and shining dots like the galaxy.

star galaxy for coutertop
Galaxy Granite Countertop

Features Of Galaxy Granite:

  • Black background
  • shining dots
  • easy to clean
  •  Required Measurements can be available easily
The price of galaxy granite is 150 to 250 per square foot.

3. Khammam Black Granite

Khammam Black granite is known for its glossy look.

jet black granite for countertop
Khammam Black Granite

Features of the Khammam black granite:

  • Mirror polished slabs
  • Black Surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Required measurements can be available easily
The price of Khammam Black Granite is 180 to 250 per square foot.

Red Granites for Kitchen Countertops in 2022

Red is another more popular colour for kitchen countertops after Black. Red Granites are specially used in countertops. here are some selective Red colour granites for kitchen countertops.

1. Lakha Red Granite

Lakha red granite is an Indian origin granite and manufactured in Rajasthan. it has a shiny tomato red colour and this granite is always in trend for kitchen countertops. 

Tomato red granite for countertops
Lakha Red Granite

Features of Lakha Red granite:

  • Completely natural red colour
  • Glazed finish
  •  Required Measurements can be available easily
  • easy to clean
The price of Lakha Red Granite is 240 to 300 Rs per square foot.

2. Khada Red Granite

Khada Red Granite is an Indian origin granite having red and light grey coloured spots on it. and looks similar to Lakha Red Granite.
khada red granite countertop
Khada Red Granite 

Features of Khada Red Granite

  • Red colour
  • Best for Kitchen Countertops
  •  Required Measurements can be available easily
The Price of Khada red granite is 120 to 180 Rs. per square foot.

3. Chilli Red Granite or Ruby Red Granite

Chilli Red granite is a top-selling material for kitchen countertops. this granite manufactures in South India. chilli red granite has a red colour background and white dots on it.  this granite also called "Ruby Red Granite"

Ruby red granite for countertops
Chilli Red Granite

Key features of Chilli Red Granite:

  • Smooth and shiny colour
  • Colour shades available
  • Glossy finish
  • Required measurements can be available easily
The latest price of Chilli Red Granite is 100 to 150 per square foot.

 White Granite for Kitchen Countertops in 2022

White is a unique colour and using white granites on kitchen countertops gives a luxurious feel to your interior. here are top quality white granite colours that will completely satisfy you. 

1. P White Granite

P White granite is one of the best granite for kitchen countertops at a low price. yes, you can choose this unique design for your kitchen even if low budget. it has a white background and black design on it. 

Best white granite for countertop
P White Granite

Key features of P White Granite

  • P white granite is a natural stone
  • Best for kitchen countertops
  • unique colour and design
The latest price P White granite is 70 to 90 per square foot.

2. River White Granite

River white granite is another best option from white colour granite for the kitchen countertops. it has a white colour background and grey lines that's why it looks very beautiful.

best white granite design for countertop
River White Granite countertop

Features of River White Granite

  • Unique Design
  • white colour with light grey and black lines
  • smooth polished
  • luxurious feel
The latest price River White Granite is 120 Rs. per square foot.

3. Alaska White Granite

Alaska white granite is the most popular granite for kitchen countertops. it has off white background and grey, black streaks on it.

Alaska white granite for countertop
Alaska white Granite countertop

 Features of Alaska White Granite

  • Luxurious feel
  • The black and grey streaks on the white colour
  • smooth polished
  • Natural stone with a unique design
The latest price of Alaska White Granite is 160 to 300 Rs. per square foot.

4. S white Granite

S white Granite is another budget-friendly granite for kitchen countertops. the black dots on the white background create a striking beauty. 

s white granite for countertop and price
S white Granite

Features of S White Granite

  • White colour with black dots looks very beautiful
  • Smooth polished material
  • Lather polished material is available that can use on stairs too.
  • Natural stone.
The latest price of S White Granite is 70 to 90 Rs. per square foot.

Brown Granite for kitchen countertops in 2022

Brown is the famous colour for the kitchen countertop and most of this colour granite is manufactured in South India. These granites have brown colours and textures that look very beautiful for kitchen countertops.

1. Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite is one of the most famous granite for kitchen countertops and is easily available in the market. The light brown spots on the dark brown background look very beautiful. It is available in various colour shades like dark brown, light brown, back brown etc. 

brown granite for kitchen countertop
Tan Brown Granite

Features of Tan Brown Granite

  • Natural stone
  • Unique Texture and Design
  • Colour shades available
The latest price of Tan Brown granite is 120 to 250 per square foot.

2. Cateyes Granite

As the name of this granite, grey and light brown spots look like cat eyes. it is chocolate brown in colour that's why this one is more popular granite for kitchen countertops. because of its colour, is also called in some locations "Coffee Brown Granite".

Best brown granite for kitchen countertops
Cateyes granite

Features of Cateyes Granite

  • Natural stone
  • Unique texture and design
  • Smooth glossy polished
The latest price of Cateyes granite is Rs. 120 to 180 per square foot.

3. Paradiso Brown Granite

A huge number of varieties are available in Paradise granite for interior and exterior decorations as well as kitchen countertops. This one is more trending granite for kitchen tops because of its colour, it has a brown background with lines.

best brown granite designs for countertops
Paradise Granite

Features of Paradise Granite

  • Natural stone
  • Unique design
  • Colour varieties are available
  • Smooth glossy polished material.
The latest price of Paradise Brown Granite is Rs. 70 to 150 per square foot.

Grey Granite for kitchen countertops in 2022

Grey granite is another colour option for kitchen countertops. in a grey colour, you can use steel grey granite, sira grey granite for the kitchen tops.

1. Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey has beautiful grey colour textures. The design of this granite is similar to Tann Brown Granite only difference is in colour. Steel grey granite is very common but always trending for kitchen countertop purposes.

best grey granite for kitchen countertops
Steel grey granite countertop

Features of Steel Grey Granite

  • Unique design and texture
  • Smooth glossy polished slabs
  • Budget-friendly
  • Always in trending 
The latest price Steel Grey Granite is Rs. 70 to 120 per square foot.

2. Sira Grey Granite

Sira Grey Granite is similar to S white granite in design and texture but the main difference is colour, this one is grey and S white Granite available in white colour. Sira Grey granite has a grey background and black dots on it, that's why it looks beautiful for kitchen countertops.

best grey granites price
Sira grey Granite

Features of Sira Grey Granite

  • Natural stone
  • Best designs
  • Good Quality
  • The best option for S white Granite
The latest price of Sira Grey granite is Rs. 95 to 120 per square feet


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