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Granite: A Guide To Choosing The Right Countertop Material For Your Home.

  Granite: A Guide To Choosing The Right Countertop Material For Your Home. Countertops are an important part of any kitchen. They are the surface on which we prepare our food and interact with our family and friends. This is why it is important to choose the best countertop material for your home. Here is a guide to help you choose the right countertop material for your home. 1. What are the most popular materials for countertops? There are many different types of countertops available on the market today. From granite, to marble, to quartz, to ceramic, to glass, to wood, to composite, to plastic, there is a countertop material for every home. It's important to consider the type of countertop you want before purchasing a new one. You should also consider the size of the countertop. If you are looking for a large countertop, you will need a large piece of granite or marble to accommodate the size. You should also consider the budget. Granite and marble are generally the most expens

Steel Grey granite price and specifications -

 About Steel Grey Granite

Granite is a rock type that can use in various decorate purposes like wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertop etc. Steel grey granite is one of them and it widely use for interior and exterior decorations. Steel grey granite is always in high demand to use in coutertops, staircase, window and door frames as well as exterior use, because of its grey coloured surface, beautiful appearance with superior quality. Generally as quality say, 3 types of steel grey granite manufactured in south India. 1st fresh quality, 2nd commercial fresh material and 3rd tonnage.

Qualities of Steel Grey Granite:

As I said above there are 3 qualities of steel grey granite are manufactured and this impacts on its price and specifications. 

1. Fresh Quality:

Fresh quality steel grey granite is always comes with superior surface and design, thus it can be more expensive compared to another one. Such granite having with full of glossy finished surface without any watermarks and cracks or air-cracks. Thickness of this granite is about 18 mm. And sizes that you can buy of Steel Grey granite in fresh quality are up to 12 ft in length and 4 ft. in hight. 

image : Regatta
steel gray granite
Steel grey granite gangsaw

Specifications of Fresh Quality Steel Grey Granite:

  • Superior polished slabs
  • Glossy slabs
  • Watermarks and crack free material
  • Gangsaw size available. it means zero wastage in cutting of slabs
  • 18 mm thickness

Price of Fresh Steel Gray Granite:

Price of Fresh Steel Grey Granite is about 110 to 140 per square ft. it depends on location where you buying the material. 

2. Commercial Fresh Quality of Steel Grey Granite:

 The word "commercial" express itself and everything about the subject. When you decide to buy commercial quality material (granite) for interior and exterior decorations you must know these terms, another hand, how to know commercial granite looks? what are the signs of commercial granite? here is the answer, such granites has thickness difference in slabs. normal poor polished surface, when you look it closely you will find scratches over the polished surface of the granite. and you will also find some tiny watermarks on it. sizes are available as same as fresh quality.

low rate steel grey granite
commercial steel grey

Specifications of commercial quality steel grey granite:

  • Little poor quality polished surface
  • Scratches over the surface
  • Tiny watermarks
  • Gangsaw size available. it means zero wastage in cutting of slabs
  • Thickness variations may be face
  • Over all this can be use for commercial or medium budget purposes.

Price of commercial steel grey granite:

Price of commercial steel grey Granite is about 70 to 110 per square ft. it depends on location where you buying the material. 

Tonnage quality of steel grey granite:

Tonnage Steel grey granite commonly use in apartments, public places when budget matters! Poor quality of polished surface, watermarks and lines, thickness variations, cracks and air cracks are main signs of this granite. In this granite you will find about 3 to 4 watermark lines and one or more cracklines over the polished surface. This type of granite not measured by manufacturer, it can be sold by weight to the dealer or granite shop owner that's why this it called "tonnage". 

steel grey granite watermarks and cracks very low price
steel grey granite

Specifications of Tonnage steel grey granite:

  • Poor polished surface
  • One or more watermarks and lines over the surface
  • Cracks and air cracks
  • Spots and stains
  • Thickness variations
  • sizes can be available In gangsaw but some limitations. it means, you may face size variations in slabs.


Price of Tonnage steel grey Granite is about 55 to 70 per square ft. it depends on location where you buying the material. 

About Price of Steel Grey Granite:

Actual prices may different from the prices given above. It happens due to locations, transportation, and material qualities. contact your local dealer to know more about the price of steel grey granite.


Steel grey granite is widely used for interior and exterior decorations. it manufactured mainly in 3 different qualities, and such qualities impacts of its price and specifications. it means all is depended on quality of the material.